Great News From the Fitness Team!

In March 2017, we nearly broke the monthly attendance record for Fitness Center. 2,346 visits, 24 shy of the record set October 2011, 1 year after the Fitness Center opened. With that, we have seen higher numbers of individuals participating in challenges, receiving health insurance discounts, and overall improving their health. The Fitness Team kicked off the 2017 year with a Winter Challenge that encourages employees to lose weight, improve their body’s endurance by completing the Army Fit Test, or to drop their Body Fat % by monitoring diet along with increasing both cardio and strength training workouts. Please see the statistics below of the individuals who started and finished the challenge.

Weight loss participants lost a total of 648lbs, Body Fat participants lost a total of 27.7%, and the Army Fit Test results are shown below on the pie chart.

The Fitness Team has decided to kick off back to back challenges promoting steady health and fitness improvements for weight loss and/or muscle gain goals. Currently, the Spring/Summer Challenge is focusing on maintaining weight with a total of 143 participants signed up. Participants are challenged to maintain their weight through the summer months, plus complete a minimum of 28 visits (average 2 per week). If they met these requirements they will automatically receive a $100 gift card. However, an incentive to double the prize was given out those employees who used the fitness center less than 80 visits in 2016.

Out of the 143 participants signed up, 39 participants are considered new fitness center users and qualify for this bonus! Reminder, please watch the white boards in the fitness center for dates of optional mini challenges throughout the contest to earn your tickets. Tickets received will go into a drawing for 1 of 5, $500 gift cards, however please remember tickets will only count if you meet the challenge requirements of your weigh-out being equal to or less than weigh-in plus a minimum of 28 visits.

The fitness center is available 24/7, but please make sure if you are new to the fitness center you have met with the trainer, Courtney Fisher, to complete the necessary paperwork and orientation to use the fitness center. Trainer hours are generally, Monday through Friday 5am-7am and 11am-5pm or by appointments if needed.

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