U. of Toledo and BGSU Celebrate Women in Leadership

Pictured Back Row: Cindy Roshong, Laurie Naveau, Tina Sidel, Jamie Trzcinski, Linda Hernandez

Pictured Front Row: Jacquelyn Bancroft, Holly Feltzer, Angie Smith

Bowling Green State University and The University of Toledo co-presented the Women in Leadership conference, Creating and Pursuing Pathways for Promotion, Friday, Oct. 21 at the Hilton Garden Inn at Levis Commons to a sold-out crowd of area business leaders, students, faculty members and alumni from both Universities.

North Star generously sponsored a table at the event so some of our employees could attend. The conference focused on developing a global mindset: Strategic perspectives for women leaders.

There were four panelists: Frances Baldwin - International Consultant and Coach, Beatriz Jimenez - Senior Director of Global Talent Management and Diversity and Inclusion for Dana, Nikki Patterson - Organization Development Practitioner for Google and Ethel Wragg - Learning and Development Executive. There were two featured speakers, Susan Vinnicombe, Ph.D., CBE, and Diana Bilmoria, Ph.D.

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